Wes King, the youngest of five children raised in Winder, Ga., is first and foremost the husband of Fran King and father of twins Harrison and Mitch as well as younger son Walt. King attributes this to his personal faith, which he discovered at much the same time as he discovered his talent for music, specifically the guitar. The summer prior to entering high school, King's father gave him is first guitar. After only one lesson by a buddy who had accompanied him as he played Elvis for a school show, King came home to play the new song he'd just learned. It was at this point that his King's love for music grew right along with his natural talent.

A friend of the family heard King playing one day and pushed him to enter an Atlanta talent competition. After much coaxing, King finally gave in and now fondly remembers a time when he and his father drove around in his dad's 1972 candy apple red pickup truck in order to pick up the radio signal where he would hear for the first time his contest winning song played over the air.

Following high school, King went off to Covenant College where he was actively playing guitar and singing with local youth groups and was entered in the next level of the same competition he had won the year before. King didn't win that second contest, however he did learn a valuable lesson in humility and realized that ego and fame were not what mattered most. Through his playing for youth groups in the area, King met artist Kim Hill who eventually invited him to move to Nashville and travel and play guitar with her. This was the beginning of King's introduction to the recording industry and was ultimately where he was discovered as a strong talent himself.

In 1993 King's career took a huge leap, as his song, "The Robe," became a No. 1 radio single and his most requested performance. King's abilities as a songwriter were awarded and his national awareness grew, as did the demands on his time. King continued to write and create hit contemporary Christian tunes, however, once he and his wife discovered they were expecting their first child, which would turn out to be twins, King's priorities began to shift.

"I got to the point where in my mind," King describes, "I thought giving my record company great songs and being a talented person was enough and if the right thing came up I'd do it, but I wasn't going to go and tour all over the country. Touring helped support the launch of "The Robe," but it became apparent that it was the song itself that truly took my career to the next level. When it came time with a new company to go and tour for a new project, I was willing to try, but with limits. At that point we had twin boys, my wife still suffers from a heart condition and I just could not be away like I'd been in the past."

With these newfound priorities on his career, King took to his writing and session playing. Even during this time co-writing Michael W. Smith's "This Is Your Time," written regarding the tragedy of Columbine, and working with Max Lucado on "He Chose The Nails." He built a home studio where he could write and self-record and continue his musical pursuit on a level that allowed him to be a dad and be home for his wife and his boys, and still travel for concerts on occasion.

When asked what matters most in life, King replies, "I think there are three major categories of what matters most and to me under every category there are subcategories. Obviously God is what matters most, and the next thing is your family and then your community and church. There are then the subcategories and that is what each of these songs are, they are the subcategories.

Wes is currently battling cancer in the form of Lymphoma and undergoing chemotherapy throughout the summer of 2005.